6AV6644-5AB10-0BJ0 SIEMENS MP 377 15″ Touch

SIEMENS 6AV6644-5AB10-0BJ0

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6AV6644-5AB10-0BJ0 SIEMENS MP 377 15" Touch

Are you looking for SIEMENS 6AV6644-5AB10-0BJ0 Panels Original and Made in Germany

SIEMENS 6AV6644-5AB10-0BJ0 Panels Product Details  

Description: 6AV6644-5AB10-0BJ0 SIEMENS MP 377 15" Touch  
Model Number: 6AV6644-5AB10-0BJ0 Category: Home/SIEMENS HMI/6AV6644-5AB10-0BJ0
Product Type: Panels Type: Industry Automation
Plance of Origin: Made in Germany Warranty: All parts new or reconditioned are covered by AoteWell 12 month warranty

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6AV6644-5AB10-0BJ0 Parameter

6AV6644-5AB10-0BJ0 original new SIEMENS MP 377 15" Touch
Artikelnummer 6AV6644-5AB10-0BJ0
Artikelbeschreibung MP 377 15" Touch basiert auf: 6AV6644-0AB01-2AX0 mit BHS Design
Produktfamilie Nicht verfügbar
Produktstatus PM400:Ankündigung Produktauslauf  
Nettogewicht pro ME 5,660 kg
Produktmaße (B x L x H) Nicht verfügbar
Verpackungsmaße 40,50 x 52,00 x 17,50
Verpackungsmaße Einheit CM

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