SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-400, 6ES7416-3FS06-0AB0,CPU416F-3 PN/DP

General information
Product type designation CPU416F-3 PN/DP
Hardware product version 01
Firmware version V6.0
Engineering with
● Programming package STEP 7 V5.5 or higher/iMap V3.0 + iMap STEP 7 Add-on V3.0 SP5 or higher
CiR – Configuration in RUN
CiR synchronization time, basic load 100 ms
CiR synchronization time, time per I/O byte 10 µs; Time per I/O byte
Supply voltage
Rated value (DC)
● 24 V DC No; Power supply via system power supply
Input current
from backplane bus 5 V DC, typ. 1.3 A
from backplane bus 5 V DC, max. 1.5 A
from backplane bus 24 V DC, max. 300 mA; 150 mA per DP interface
from interface 5 V DC, max. 90 mA; At each DP interface
Power loss
Power loss, typ. 6.5 W
Power loss, max. 7.5 W
S7 message functions
Number of login stations for message functions, max. 95; Max. 95 with Alarm_S/SQ and Alarm_D/DQ (OPs); max. 8 with Alarm, Alarm_8, Alarm_8P, Notify and Notify_8 (e.g. WinCC)
Symbol-related messages Yes
SCAN procedure Yes
Block related messages Yes
Process diagnostic messages Yes
simultaneously active Alarm-S blocks, max. 1 000; Simultaneously active alarm_S/SQ blocks or alarm_D/DQ blocks
Alarm 8-blocks Yes
● Number of instances for alarm 8 and S7 communication blocks, max. 4 000
● preset, max. 600
Process control messages Yes
Number of archives that can log on simultaneously (SFB 37 AR_SEND) 32
Number of messages
● overall, max. 1 024
● in 100 ms grid, max. 128
● in 500 ms grid, max. 512
● in 1000 ms grid, max. 1 024
Width 50 mm
Height 290 mm
Depth 219 mm
Weight, approx. 900 g