Yokogawa AAI143-S03 16 Point Analog Input Module

Current Input Modules (Isolated)

AAI143 provides 16 inputs of 4 to 20 mA signal. It can be used in dual-redundant configuration.

Items Specifications
Model AAI143-S03
Number of input channels 16, isolated
Input signal 4 to 20 mA
Allowable input current 24 mA
Input resistance Power ON 270 Ω (20 mA) to 350 Ω (4 mA) (*2)
Power OFF 500 kΩ or larger
Accuracy ±16 μA
Data update period 10 ms
Transmitter power supply 19.0 V or higher (at 20 mA) 25.5 V or less (at 0 mA) (output current limit: 25 mA) (*5)
Setting of 2-wire or 4-wire transmitter For each channel by setting pin
Drift due to ambient temperature change ±16 μA/10 C
Maximum current consumption 230 mA (5 V DC), 540 mA (24 V DC)
Weight 0.3 kg
External communication Pressure clamp terminal, MIL connector cable, dedicated cable (KS1)
HART communication (*3) Available

*1: A Zener barrier is not allowed to be connected with this module. Use an isolation barrier when the module is used in
intrinsically safe application.
*2: The module input resistance viewed from the terminals depends on the current strength as calculated as below:
250 Ω +
current value
voltage drop in the input protection circuit
*3: When this module is installed to a ER bus node unit with HART function, the EB401 firmware must be rev. 2 or later.
*4: When the dedicated cable is used, the withstanding voltage is 500 V AC (between the input signal and the system). When
the ML connector cable is used, the withstanding voltage depends on the electrical specifications of the cable.
*5: This voltage is generated between the connecting terminals for 2-wire transmitters for this module. When calculating the
minimum operating voltage for transmitters, consider to allow margins for voltage drop in external wiring.