ABB NEW HMI 3BSE042236R2 PP865A 15″” TFT touch panel

ABB NEW HMI 3BSE042236R2  PP865A “15”” TFT touch panel

PP865A Operator Panel

  • Technical Information: “15”” TFT touch panel, 1024×768 pixels, graphics & text, color.”
    Requires Panel Builder 800 version 5 for configuring.To protect the front, it’s recommended to use the RX865 Key Cover.


  • Product Net Weight: 4.64 kg


  • Country of Origin: Taiwan, Province Of China (TW)
    Technical Information:
    Panel 800 – PP865A
    “15”” Touch Panel”
    TFT 1024×768 pixels, graphics <(>&<)> text, touch, color
    To protect the touch screen, it’s recommended to use
    the RX865 Touch Cover
    Exchange p/n: EXC3BSE042236R2