CPU 313C SIEMENS Compact CPUs – PLCs

CPU 313C Overview

  • The compact CPU with integral digital and analog inputs/outputs
  • For plants with high processing performance and response time requirements
  • With technological functions

SIMATIC Micro Memory Card required for operation of the CPU.

CPU 313C Ordering data

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SIMATIC S7-300, CPU 313C, Compact CPU with MPI, 24 DI/16 DO, 4 AI, 2 AO, 1 Pt100, 3 high-speed counters (30 kHz), Integr. power supply 24 V DC, work memory 128 KB, Front connector (2x 40-pole) and Micro Memory Card required

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CPU 313C Design

The CPU 313C is equipped with the following:

  • Microprocessor;
    the processor achieves a processing time of 70 ns per binary instruction.
  • Extensive memory;
    128 KB high-speed work memory (equals approx. 42 K instructions) for program sections relevant to execution offer user programs sufficient memory space
    ; SIMATIC Micro Memory Cards (max. 8 MB) as load memory for the program also allow the project to be stored in the CPU (complete with symbols and comments).
  • Flexible expansion capability;
    max. 31 modules, (4-tier configuration)
  • MPI multi-point interface;
    the integrated MPI interface can establish as many as 8 connections simultaneously to S7-300/400 or to the PG, PC, OP. Among these connections, one is always reserved for programming devices and another for OPs. The MPI makes it possible to set up a simple network with a maximum of 16 CPUs via “global data communication”.
  • Integrated inputs/outputs;
    24 digital inputs (all can be used for alarm processing) and 16 digital outputs as well as 5 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs for current/voltage signals and an additional input for measuring temperature are available on the CPU 313C.

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