SIEMENS Fail-safe CPUs CPU 315F-2 DP

CPU 315F-2 DP Overview

  • Based on the SIMATIC CPU 315-2 DP
  • For setting up a fail-safe automation system in plants with increased safety requirements
  • Complies with safety requirements to SIL 3 acc. to IEC 61508 and PL e acc. to ISO 13849.1
  • Distributed fail-safe I/O modules can be connected locally via the integrated PROFIBUS DP interface (PROFIsafe)
  • Fail-safe I/O modules of the ET 200M range can also be centrally connected
  • Central and distributed use of standard modules for non safety-oriented applications

SIMATIC Micro Memory Card required for operation of CPU.

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CPU 315F-2 DP Design

The CPU 315F-2 DP features the following:

  • Microprocessor;
    the processor achieves a processing time of approximately 50 ns per binary instruction and 0.45 µs per floating-point operation.
  • Memory:
    384 KB high-speed RAM for safety-relevant and standard program sections; increased memory space requirements must be expected (5 times larger) if safety-relevant program sections are implemented. Of the 384 KB RAM, 128 KB data memory can be used for standard applications. SIMATIC Micro Memory Cards (max. 8 MB) as load memories for programs additionally permit storage of the project (including symbols and comments) in the CPU.
  • Flexible expansion capability;
    max. 32 modules, (4-tier configuration)
  • MPI multi-point interface;
    the integrated MPI interface can establish as many as 16 connections simultaneously to S7-300/400 or to the PG, PC, OP. Among these connections, one is always reserved for programming devices and another for OPs. The MPI makes it possible to set up a simple network with a maximum of 16 CPUs via “global data communication”.
  • PROFIBUS DP interface:
    The CPU 315F-2 DP with PROFIBUS DP master/slave interface allows a distributed automation configuration offering high speed and ease of use. From the user’s point of view, the distributed I/O is handled in the same manner as central I/O (identical configuration, addressing and programming).
    Distributed I/O stations with fail-safe I/O modules can be connected via the integral PROFIBUS DP interface. The fail-safe I/O modules of ET 200M can also be installed in central, safety-related configurations.
    The safety-oriented communication between the F-CPU and the fail-safe I/O modules is performed on the basis of the PROFIsafe profile.

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