The converters are power electronics components for feeding threephase motors.
They can be operated from a three-phase system with a voltage between 380 V and 480 V and a frequency of 50/60 Hz.
The line voltage from the system is rectified and fed into the DC link.
The power section enables a three-phase system with a variable output frequency between 0 Hz and 500 Hz maximum to be generated from the DC link direct voltage with the pulse width modulation method (PWM).
The internal DC 24 V voltage is supplied through an integral power supply unit.
The unit is controlled by the internal control electronics which consists of a microprocessor system. The functions are provided by the unit software.
Operator control is effected via the PMU operator control panel, the user-friendly OP1S operator control panel, the terminal strip or via a bus system. For this purpose, the unit has a number of interfaces and two slots for the use of optional boards.
Pulse encoders can be used as motor-specific encoders.

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Top solutions with applied drives
The SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Vector Control frequency converters are voltage-source DC link converters with fully digital technology and IGBT inverters which, in conjunction with Siemens three-phase AC motors, provide highperformance, economical drives for all industrial sectors and applications.

SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES – system-based drive technology
A uniform, modular series of standard units
The SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Vector Control series of converters is both uniform and modular in design.
 The power output of the standard units ranges from 0.75 HP to over 3000 HP.
 All internationally standard supply voltages from 230 V to 690 V are covered.

 Depending on the application and the required output, there are four types of housing design available: the Compact PLUS unit, the compact unit, the chassis unit and the cabinet unit.
 The hardware and software modules enable tailored and cost effective drive solutions.

As a counterpart to extremely high-performance VC control on the motor side, the SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES AFE (Active Front End) unit ensures optimum energy supply on the line side as well with its active, line-angle-oriented vector control. SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES AFE units are characterized by
 freedom from system disturbances, i.e. a very favorable overall power factor
 commutation failure-protected operation even in the event of supply dips and power failure

 the possibility of reactive power compensation
 four-quadrant operation.
The SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES are designed as:
 converters for connection to a 3-phase AC system
 inverters for connection to a DC bus
 rectifier units for supplying power to the DC bus.


SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES – electromagnetically compatible in any environment

The SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES frequency converters comply with the relevant EMC standard for power electronics. EMC compliant installation enables them to be used in industry and residential buildings.

Designed for world-wide use

The SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES satisfy the relevant international standards and regulations – from the European EN standard and IEC to UL and CSA.

Quality in accordance with DIN ISO 9001

The quality standards according to which the SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES are manufactured are high and have been acclaimed. All aspects of production, i.e. development, mechanical design, manufacturing, order processing and the logistics supply center of the SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES, have been certified by an independent authority in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.

New! The Compact PLUS series

The youngest member of the SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Vector Control family with power outputs of 0.75 HP to 25 HP rounds off
the product range in the

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