SIEMENS SINAMICS G110 Built-in units

SINAMICS G110 – Description

SINAMICS G110 is a frequency inverter with basic functions for a variety of industrial variable-speed drive applications. The particularly compact SINAMICS G110 inverter operates with voltage frequency control on single-phase supplies (200 V to 240 V). It is the ideal low-cost frequency inverter solution for the lower power range of the SINAMICS family.

SINAMICS G110 – a brief Summary of its Strengths
SINAMICS G110 – Technical Data
SINAMICS G110 – Typical Uses

SINAMICS G110 – a brief Summary of its Strengths

Easy wiring
by using user-friendly connection terminals as for contactor and a ready to connect presetting

Uncomplicated engineering und parameterizing
with SIZER und STARTER tools and with the optional Basic Operator Panel (BOP)

Quick series comissioning
time saving copying of parameters with the Basic Operator Panel

SINAMICS G110 – Typical Uses

SINAMICS G110 is especially suited for use with pumps and fans, or as a drive in various industrial sectors, such as the food, textile and packaging industries. as well as for conveyor systems, factory gate and garage door drives, and as a universal drive for moving billboards and fitness equipment.

SINAMICS G110 – Technical Data

SINAMICS G110 Supply Voltage – Single Phase 200/240 V

Frame Size
0.12 kW / 0.9 A A Analog 6SL3211-0AB11-2UA1 6SL3211-0AB11-2BA1
0.25 kW / 1.7 A A Analog 6SL3211-0AB12-5UA1 6SL3211-0AB12-5BA1
0.37 kW / 2.3 A A Analog 6SL3211-0AB13-7UA1 6SL3211-0AB13-7BA1
0.55 kW / 3.2 A A Analog 6SL3211-0AB15-5UA1 6SL3211-0AB15-5BA1
0.75 kW / 3.9 A A Analog 6SL3211-0AB17-5UA1 6SL3211-0AB17-5BA1
1.1 kW / 6.0 A B Analog 6SL3211-0AB21-1UA1 6SL3211-0AB21-1AA1
1.5 kW / 7.8 A B Analog 6SL3211-0AB21-5UA1 6SL3211-0AB21-5AA1
2.2 kW / 11 A C Analog 6SL3211-0AB22-2UA1 6SL3211-0AB22-2AA1
3 kW / 13.6 A C Analog 6SL3211-0AB23-0UA1 6SL3211-0AB23-0AA1

*USS Version also available for each Rating – contact us for more details

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