Schneider Electric Altivar 71 Drive-Variable speed drives

The Altivar 71 is factory-set for the most common operating conditions:
• Macro configuration: Start/Stop
• Motor frequency: 50 Hz
• Constant torque application with asynchronous motor and sensorless flux vector control
• Normal stop mode on deceleration ramp
• Stop mode in the event of a fault: freewheel
• Linear, acceleration and deceleration ramps: 3 seconds
• Low speed: 0 Hz
• High speed: 50 Hz
• Motor thermal current = rated drive current
• Standstill injection braking current = 0.7 x rated drive current, for 0.5 seconds
• No automatic starts after a fault
• Switching frequency 2.5 kHz or 4 kHz depending on drive rating
• Logic inputs:
– LI1: forward, LI2: Forward (2 operating direction), 2-wire control on transition
– L13, L14, LI5, LI6: inactive (not assigned)
• Analog inputs:
– AI1: speed reference 0-+10 V
– AI2: 0-20 mA, inactive (not assigned)
• Relay R1: The contact opens in the event of a fault (or drive off).
• Relay R2: Inactive (not assigned)
• Analog output AO1: 0-20 mA, inactive (not assigned)

Altivar 71 Features

200… 240 V single-phase
200… 240 V / 380… 690 V 3-phase, 50/60 Hz

  • Speed regulation by flux vector control with or without sensor
  • Speed range: from 1 to 1 000 in closed loop mode with encoder feedback, from 1 to 100 in open loop mode
  • Graphic terminal: plain text, navigation button, configurable function keys, “Simply Start” menu …
  • Protection of motor and of drive
  • “Power Removal “, ATEX safety functions
  • More than 150 functions available: PID controller, brake control suited to travelling, hoisting and slewing movements…
  • Integrated EMC filter class A
  • Integrated Modbus and CANopen
  • I/O extension cards, interface cards for encoder
  • Communication cards: Fipio, Ethernet, Modbus Plus, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, Uni-Telway, INTERBUS
  • Controller Inside programmable card

Altivar 71 Benefits

Make way for evolution!

Unique range up to 630 kW, exceptional performance, advanced functions…
Open to all communication networks, applications, users… Altivar 71 provides ingenious solutions for all your specific requirements.

Altivar 71 Applications

High performance applications (constant torque):

  • Material handling
  • Hoisting
  • Wood machines
  • Process machines
  • Textile machines
  • Packaging

Application functions

The applications in these tables relate to the following machines in particular:
• Hoisting: cranes, overhead cranes, gantries (vertical hoisting, translation, slewing), lifting platforms
• Elevators: elevators in retrofit up to 1.2 m/s
• Handling: palletizers/depalletizers, conveyors, roller tables
• Packing: carton packers, labeling machines
• Textiles: weaving looms, carding frames, washing machines, spinners, drawing frames
• Wood: automatic lathes, saws, milling
• High inertia: centrifuges, mixers, unbalanced machines (beam pumps, presses)
• Process

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