Major Components of the SIMATIC S7-200 CPU

The S7-200 CPU combines a central processing unit (CPU), power supply, and discrete I/O points into a compact, stand-alone device.

The CPU executes the program and stores the data for controlling the automation task or process.

Additional I/O points can be added to the CPU with expansion modules up to the physical size limits listed in Table 1-1.

The power supply provides electrical power for the base unit and for any expansion module that is connected.

The inputs and outputs are the system control points: the inputs monitor the signals from the field devices (such as sensors and switches), and the outputs control pumps, motors, or other devices in your process.

The communications port allows you to connect the CPU to a programming device or to other devices.

Status lights provide visual information about the CPU mode (RUN or STOP), the current state of the local I/O, and whether a system fault has been detected.

Some CPUs provide a real-time clock as a built-in feature, while other CPUs require the real-time clock cartridge.

A plug-in serial EEPROM cartridge provides a means to store CPU programs and transfer programs from one CPU to another.

A plug-in battery cartridge provides extended retention of data memory in RAM

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Selecting the Mode of Operation for the CPUImage result for s7-200 cpu
The S7-200 CPU has two modes of operation:

STOP: The CPU is not executing the program. You can download a program or configure the CPU when the CPU is in STOP mode.

RUN: The CPU is running the program.
The status LED on the front of the CPU indicates the current mode of operation.
You can change the mode of operation by:

Manually changing the mode switch located on the PLC

Using the STEP 7-Micro/WIN 32 programming software and setting the CPU mode switch to TERM or RUN

Inserting a STOP instruction in your program

Error Handling for the S7-200 CPU

The S7-200 CPU classifies errors as either fatal errors or non-fatal errors. You can use STEP 7-Micro/WIN 32 to view the error codes that were generated by the error. Select PLC > Information from the menu bar to view these errors. Figure 4-21 shows the dialog box that displays the error code and the description of the error. Refer to Appendix B for a complete listing of the error codes.
In Figure 4-21, the Last Fatal field shows the previous fatal error code generated by the CPU. This value is retained over power cycles if the RAM is retained. This location is cleared whenever all memory of the CPU is cleared, or if the RAM is not
retained after a prolonged power outage.
The Total Fatal field is the count of fatal errors generated by the CPU since the last time the CPU had all memory areas cleared. This value is retained over power cycles if the RAM is retained. This location is cleared whenever all memory of the CPU is cleared, or when the RAM is not retained after a prolonged power outage.

Creating a Password for the CPU

All models of the S7-200 CPU provide password protection for restricting access to specific CPU functions. A password authorizes access to the CPU functions and memory: without a password, the CPU provides unrestricted access. When password protected, the CPU prohibits all restricted operations according to the configuration provided when the password was installed.
Restricting Access to the CPU
As shown in Table 4-12, S7-200 CPUs provide three levels of restricting access to CPU functions. Each level allows certain functions to be accessible without a password. For all three levels of access, entering the correct password provides access to all of the CPU functions. The default condition for the S7-200 CPU is level 1 (no restriction).
Entering the password over a network does not compromise the password protection for the CPU. Having one user authorized to access restricted CPU functions does not authorize other users to access those functions. Only one user is allowed unrestricted access to the CPU at a time.


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