Siemens Automation SIMATIC Rack PC 647B Drivers

The SIMATIC Rack PC 647B is an extremely compact and powerful industrial PC in 19″ design.
With a height of only two standard units and with a small mounting depth, it is particularly suitable for space-saving implementation of fast computing and visualization tasks such as the processing of images and data – with simultaneous optimum utilization of the space in standard 19” control cabinets (from 500 mm).
To allow maximum performance at ambient temperatures up to 50 °C, it is equipped with powerful and energy-saving Intel Core2 Duo processors.
Despite its high compactness, it can be flexibly scaled and expanded by multiple integrated interfaces and slots.


SIMATIC Rack PC 647B is an industrial PC in 19″ rack format (2 HU) with high-performance industrial functionality:
● Highly compact
● Extremely rugged
● Extensive product continuity

Areas of application

The SIMATIC Rack PC 647B provides machine, systems and control cabinet engineering companies with a high-performance and highly flexible 19″ rack PC platform for machineoriented industrial applications:
● Automatic measurement and control systems for controlling process and machine data
● Visualization of production sequences and processes
● Computing and processing of images for QC
● Data acquisition and management
The SIMATIC Rack PC 647B has CE certification for use in the industrial sector as well as in residential and commercial areas, and small businesses. In addition to the industrial applications, it can also be used in building services automation or in facilities open to the public.


Highly compact:
● Compact housing design (2 HU)See the source image
● Flexibility for space-saving cabinet installation
Highly compatible with industrial standards:
● High operational vibration and shock resistance
● Wide operational temperature range
● High service friendliness
● Dust protection
● Distinct diagnostic features
High-performance industrial functionality:
● Integrated PROFIBUS DP / MPI interface (optional)
● PROFINET interface CP 1616 onboard (optional)
● PCI, PCIe x4, PCIe x16 slots
● High flexibility and expansibility of components
High investment security:
● High continuity of the components/design
● Guaranteed spare parts availability for at least 5 years
● Simple integration in PC-based automation
High system availability:
● SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor – PC diagnostics/message software by way of OPC/SNMP/LAN
● SIMATIC PC/PG Image Creator – data imaging software
● RAID1 – redundant data storage to two hard disk volumes protects against data loss


● Integrated programmable monitoring functions (program execution (watchdog), internal housing temperature, fan speed)
● Enhanced diagnostic/messaging by way of Ethernet, E-mail, SMS, and for direct input in SIMATIC software by way of OPC (optional using SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor):
– Operating hours counter
– Hard disk status
– System status (heartbeat)
– Automatic logging of all messages to a log file
– Option of remote monitoring of networked SIMATIC PCs
● RAID1 for automatic data mirroring on two hard disk volumes


General features
Design  19″ rack, 2 HU
• Rugged panel-mount housing, all metal
• Prepared for mounting telescopic rails
• Horizontal installation is possible
• Lockable front cover as access protection
Enclosure • Dust protection by means of overpressure ventilation using
bearing-seated front fan via filter
• Enclosure cover fastened with a single screw
• Front fan can be exchanged without tools
• Card retainer for reliable operation of PC modules under
vibration and shock conditions
Drive bays • Front 2 x low profile removable rack
• 2 x 3.5″ (in vibration damping drive bay)
• 1 x optical drive (slimline)
Slots for expansion cards • Alternative 2x PCI long or 1x PCI long, 1x PCIe x4 long
• 1 x PCI Express x16 long
Graphics • Onboard Intel® GMA950 graphics controller
2-D and 3-D engine integrated in chipset,
Dynamic Video Memory Technology
(uses up to 128 MB of RAM)
Max. 1280×1024 at 100 Hz / 32-bit color depth
Max. resolution:
2038×1536 at 75 Hz / 16-bit color depth
• in PCIe x16 slot (optional)
PCIe x16 graphics card (dual head: 2 x VGA or 2 x DVI) 1)
128 MB RAM
Up to 2048 x 1536 pixels at 75 Hz / 32-bit color depth
PROFIBUS/MPI 12 Mbps (isolated potential, compatible to CP 5611); optional
PROFINET 10/100 Mbps (CP 1616 onboard), three RJ-45; optional
Ethernet 2x 10/100/1000 Mbps (two RJ-5)
Wake on LAN and Remote Boot supported
USB 2 x front panel, 4 x rear panel; (high current)
Seria COM1 (V.24), COM2 (V.24) 9-pin

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