SIMATIC IPC547eco is a durable, reliable performance products, with 19 “standard 4 u rack type design, USES the Intel pentium dual-core E5300, up to 500 GB of serial ATA hard disk configuration.In the ambient temperature as high as 40 ° C under the condition of industrial used 24 hours a day.By means of PCI/PCI Express technology seven long expansion slot, the device can use powerful expansion card, for example, PCIe x 16 (2) the graphics card can be used to connect two monitors, but PCIe x 8 slot (1) can be used to install the frame collector module, etc.SIMATIC IPC547eco fixed configuration, there are four make selection becomes more simple, fast, very fit the needs of customers in China.Can be applied to:

  • The production process visualization
  • Image processing, such as the application in the quality inspection
  • Data collection and management, such as used in the recipe management
  • Intelligent energy management

The basic configuration

■ using cutting-edge industry design of full metal jacket, with high electromagnetic compatibility and strong mechanical properties
■ free tools to replace the front dust filter
■ front-end equipment set up the system diagnostic leds, can provide the diagnosis of power supply, hard disk, temperature and fan function
■ hard disk with 250 gb SATA – HD 2.5 or 500 gb SATA – 2.5 “HD”
■ 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM 800 (1 x1 GB or 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM 800 2 x1 (GB) memory
■ equipment provided interfaces include:
2 Ethernet (10/100/1000 mbit/s)
9 USB 2.0 interface, six in the back-end equipment, 2 in the front-end equipment, one is located in the device, the internal USB interface can be used to insert software dog to confidentiality or prevent wrong operation of the USB device
2 PS / 2 interface, 1 COM port, a VGA interface
Audio input/output, mike
■ seven extensible slot include:
4 x PCI
1 x PCIe x 16 (2)

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SIMATIC IPC547eco is a rugged, reliable products, with 19-inch standard 4U rack-mount design, the use of an Intel Pentium

Dual Core E5300 processor, up to 500 GB Serial ATA hard disk configuration. Can 24 hours a day in the ambient temperature of 40 º C under industrial conditions. Borrow 7 expansion slots contribute to the PCI / PCI-Express technology, the device can use Powerful expansion cards, such as PCIe x 16 (2 generation) graphics card can be used with
Then the two displays, while the PCIe x 8 (1 slot) can be used to install the frame grabber module
And so on. SIMATIC IPC547eco a total of four fixed-configuration, the selection becomes more
Simple, fast, very fit the needs of Chinese customers. Can be applied:
Industrial process measurement, as well as open and closed loop control
• visualization of the production process
• image processing, such as quality inspection
• data collection and management, such as for recipe management
• Intelligent energy management

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