Possible applications of the MP 277

The Multi Panel MP 277 units are an extension of the 270 series.
The HMI devices are based on the innovative standard operating system, Microsoft Windows CE 5.0. The Multi Panel MP 277 units belong to the “Multifunctional Platform” product category. The HMI devices offer enhanced communication options to the office world. The Pocket Internet Explorer is already installed on the HMI devices.
The MP 277 offers a variety of application uses, high performance and a favorable cost/performance ratio.
The devices are equipped with:
● Ethernet port for connection to PROFINET
● 2 USB ports
● TFT screen with up to 64k color
Thanks to the wide range of devices, you get to use the device that is suited to you.
The HMI devices support the following software options:
● Sm@rtService
● Sm@rtAccess
● /Audit
● OPC server


  • Integral component of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA):
    Increase of productivity, minimization of engineering overhead, reduction of lifecycle costs
  • Modular expansion with options such as:
    • WinAC MP for MP 277/software PLC
    • WinCC flexible/Sm@rtAccess for communication between different SIMATIC HMI systems
    • WinCC flexible/Sm@rtService for remote maintenance and servicing of machines/plants via the Internet/intranet
    • WinCC flexible/OPC Server for communication with applications from different manufacturers
    • Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer (already included in scope of delivery)
    • IE6 for Win CE is integrated for WinCC flexible 2007 or higher.
    • WinCC flexible/ProAgent for selective and fast process fault diagnostics in systems and machines
    • WinCC flexible/Audit for user management (tracing and user operations)
  • Reduction of service and commissioning costs due to:
    • Backup/restore via Ethernet (TCP/IP), USB, MPI, PROFIBUS DP or optionally via SD/Multimedia Card
    • Remote download/upload of the configuration and firmware (remote = automatic transfer recognition)
    • Specific drivers can be reloaded
    • Long service life of the backlit display
  • Graphics library available with off-the-shelf picture objects
  • Can be used worldwide:
    • 32 languages can be configured (incl. Asian and Cyrillic character sets)
    • Up to 16 languages can be selected online
  • Standard hardware and software interfaces for increasing flexibility:
    • SD/MultimediaCard slot for memory expansions, backup/restore, or additional interfaces
    • Ethernet (TCP/IP) for central data and project management Ethernet; control link possible to SIMATIC S7
    • Standard Windows storage formats (CSV) for archives and recipes permits further processing using standard tools (e.g. MS Excel)


  • Display and modification of process parameters
  • Process display:
    • VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels)
    • Each with 64k colors for pixels
    • Vector graphic (various line and plane objects)
    • Dynamic positioning and dynamic showing/hiding of objects
    • Pixel-graphic displays, trends and bar graph displays
    • Representation of up to 8 curves in a trend field;
  • Trend curve graphic with scroll and zoom functions for accessing the history and flexible selection of the representation period; read ruler for determining current values and displaying them in a table
    • Extensive symbol libraries (SIMATIC HMI Symbol Library)
    • Screen objects: slider, gauge, clock
    • Cyclic function processing using timers
  • Multiplex function for variables
  • Signaling system
    • Bit messages and analog messages (limit value messages)
    • Freely-definable message classes (e.g. status/fault messages) for definition of acknowledgment response and display of message events
    • Status and fault messages with message history
    • Non-volatile, maintenance-free message buffer
    • Message window and message line
  • Archiving of messages and process values (on CF/SD/Multimedia Card/USB flash drive, etc. or network drives via Ethernet)
    • Various archive types: Circulating and sequence archive
    • Storage of archive data in standard Windows format (CSV)
    • Online evaluation of process value archives through trend curves
    • External evaluation using standard tools (MS Excel, MS Access) is possible
  • Alarm log and shift log
  • Print functions (see “Recommended printers”)
  • Language switching
    • 16 online languages, 32 configuring languages, incl. Asian and Cyrillic character sets; language-dependent texts and graphics
  • Recipe management
    • With additional data storage (on SD/Multimedia Card)
    • Online/offline processing on the panel
    • Storage of recipe data in standard Windows format (CSV)
    • External processing using standard tools (Microsoft Excel and Access) is possible
  • TIA Runtime Functionalities
    • Direct keys (fast keys; with Key as keyboard image, with Touch freely customizable) used directly as PROFIBUS DP- or PROFINET IO input peripherals
    • For Key versions, LEDs additionally as output peripherals
    • In addition, message procedure Alarm S with SIMATIC S7 and SIMOTION
    • PG functionality STATUS FORCE-VAR in combination with SIMATIC S7
    • SIMATIC barcode scanner
    • Direct connection and evaluation of a SITOP UPS via USB


  • Compact design with low mounting depth
  • The front is resistant to various oils, greases and standard detergents
  • Degree of protection IP66/NEMA 4x/NEMA 12 (front) or IP20 (rear)
  • Plug-in terminals for 24 V DC power supply
  • Interfaces:
    • RS 485/RS 422 interface for process connections (PPI, MPI, PROFIBUS DP up to 12 Mbit/s)
    • USB for memory stick, mouse, keyboard, printer, barcode reader, UPS and downloading/uploading the configuration
    • Ethernet (TCP/IP) for exchanging data with a higher-level PC, connection of a network printer and downloading/uploading the configuration; a control link to SIMATIC S7 is possible
  • Slot for SD/Multimedia Card

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