SIEMENS SITRANS TF280 WirelessHART Temperature Transmitter

SITRANS TF280 for flexible and cost-effective temperature measurements

  • Supports the WirelessHART standard (HART V 7.1)
  • Very high security level for wireless data transmission
  • Built-in local user interface (LUI) with 3-button operation
  • Optimum display and readability using graphics display (104 x 80 pixels) with integrated background lighting
  • Stand-by (deep sleep phase) on device can be turned on and off with a push of a button
  • Battery power supply
  • Battery service live up to 5 years
  • Extend battery service life with HART modem interface which can be shut off
  • Optimized power consumption through new design, and increase in battery service life
  • Simple configuration thanks to SIMATIC PDM
  • Housing meets IP65 degree of protection
  • Supports all Pt100 sensors as per IEC 751/DIN EN 60751

Temperature measurement
SITRANS TF280 WirelessHART is a battery-operated temperature transmitter for field use. It is used to measure the temperature under industrial conditions in the following sectors:
● Chemical industry
● Energy management
● District heating
● Water supply and treatment
● Food industry
● Iron & steel and cement industries
● Pharmaceuticals
● Biotechnology
The device communicates with other wireless HART devices by means of radio technology.
The basis is application of the HART protocol V7.1. SITRANS TF280 WirelessHART therefore complies with the following requirements:
● Design of self-organizing, wireless sensor networks
● Data exchange with other wireless HART devices at distances of up to 250 m
● Subsequent installation without cabling
● Overcoming of structural hindrances along the signal path.



Connecting to SIMATIC PCS 7

The integration of field devices in SIMATIC PCS 7 and other process control systems can now be done seamlessly and cost-effectively with wireless technology, especially in situations where high wiring costs may be expected. Of particular interest are measuring points which are to be added and for which no MSR wiring is available.

Where larger distances between the IW/WSN-PA LINK and control systems need to be overcome, this connection can also be implemented on a wireless and cost-effective basis using the products of the SCALANCE W family.

The Siemens WirelessHART devices are designed for optimum compatibility with products of the SCALANCE W family.

Integration of a meshed network into SIMATIC PCS 7


Configuration of the SITRANS TF280 transmitter may be carried out as follows:

  • Initial start-up for the SITRANS TF280 with SIMATIC PDM is generally carried out via a HART modem or the integrated local user interface, since the network ID and join key must be set up on the device before it can be accepted and integrated into the WirelessHART network.
  • Once it is integrated into the network, the device can be conveniently operated with the WirelessHART network, the onsite HART modem or via the local user interface.


Dimensional drawings

SITRANS TF280 WirelessHART temperature transmitter with Pt100, dimensions in mm (inch)

The dimension drawing of the mounting bracket is available on page

SITRANS TF280 WirelessHART temperature transmitter without Pt100, dimensions in mm (inch)

The drawing of the mounting bracket including the dimensions can be found on page

Technical specifications

The SITRANS TF280 can be mechanically installed in two ways:

  • Directly at the measuring point with a M20x1.5 thread
    Connection to other threads can be made using an adapter.
  • Offset from Pt100 sensor, which is connected to the transmitter via a cable.

The details in the table below relate to the transmitter without taking into account a connected sensor, unless otherwise specified.

SITRANS TF280 WirelessHART temperature transmitter



  • Sensor type

Pt100 as per IEC 751/EN 607511)

  • Connection

Two, three or four-wire system

  • Measuring range

-200 … +850 °C (-328 … +1560 °F)

Cable length SITRANS TF280 and Pt100 sensor element

≤ 3 m

Measuring accuracy2)


< 0.4 % of the measured value

Long-term drift

< 0.035 % of the measuring range in first year

Temperature drift

Max. ±0.01 °C/10 K

Rated conditions

Ambient temperature

-40 … +80 °C (-40 … +176 °F)

Storage temperature

-40 … +85 ° C (-40 … +185 °F)

Relative humidity

< 95%

Climatic class

4K4H in accordance with EN 60721-3-4
(stationary use at locations not protected against weather)

Degree of protection


Max. permissible temperature at transmitter for directly mounted Pt100

80 °C (176 °F)



Die-cast aluminum

Shock resistance

According to EN 60068-2-29/03.95

Resistance to vibration

EN 60068-2-6/12.07


  • without battery

1.5 kg (3.3 lb)

  • With battery

1.6 kg (3.5 lb)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

See dimensional drawing

Thread for cable gland/sensor connection

other threads via adapter

Material of the protective tube and process connection (only with pre-installed sensor tube)

Stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L, UNS S 31603, X2CrNiMo17-12-2)

Cable between transmitter and sensor element

≤ 3 m for two-, three- or four-wire connections

Cable resistance < 10 Ω (setting range in mΩ 0 … 9 999)

Sensor break

Is recognized

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