The scalable and open SCADA system
for maximum plant transparency and productivity

SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC is a scalable process visualization system with powerful functions for monitoring automated processes. WinCC provides complete SCADA functionality under Windows for all sectors – from single user to distributed multi-user systems with redundant servers and cross-location solutions with web clients.

SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) is the newest HMI software that spans from simple applications using Basic Panels through SCADA applications using WinCC Professional on PC-based multi-user systems.

SIMATIC WinCC flexible is the HMI software under Windows that was the predecessor to SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) for all machine-level applications in machine, series machine, and plant construction.

DMC’s range of expertise with operator panels extends all the way from simple applications using Basic Panels to advanced plant-wide solutions with SIMATIC Panel PCs or IPCs.

The suitable SCADA system for every application

The course for tomorrow’s industrial world is already set today. With SIMATIC WinCC, you can
rely on a future-proof system. Find out how SIMATIC WinCC optimally prepares you for the requirements
of tomorrow already today.

Requirements of the future          

The data volume of modern industrial plants is continuously
growing, entailing increasing requirements placed
upon the employed SCADA solutions: Vast data volumes
have to be managed and archived in the long term. At the
same time, requirements in terms of performance are on
the increase. Technologies, also from the consumer environment,
are finding their way into industrial applications.
Globalization calls for superior SCADA systems
which are used worldwide. In addition, there is an increasing
request for mobile access to plant information.

Against the background of constantly increasing (energy)
costs, all these requirements are topped off by the necessity
for improved energy efficiency and productivity.

Fit for tomorrow, today

With SIMATIC WinCC V7, the scalable and open
SCADA system by Siemens, you opt for the right
choice throughout your plant’s entire lifecycle.

Increase your productivity with SIMATIC WinCC

Efficiency in terms of
engineering and operations control

Efficient engineering, integrated diagnostics functions
and flexible production analysis ensure reduced time-tomarket
as well as minimized plant downtimes.
SIMATIC WinCC offers a reliable decision basis for optimizations
and thus supports increased productivity coupled
with reduced costs.

Innovative solutions

Thanks to innovative technology, all important information
is consistently available – rapidly, flexibly and safely.
SIMATIC WinCC thus eases your production’s intuitive
operation and monitoring – also remotely

Easy scalability

SIMATIC WinCC facilitates your plant’s easy functional or
sector-specific expansion or modernization. Benefit from
redundancy concepts for increased availability or opt for
central plant information archiving and analysis.


We rely on manufacturer-independent communication for
the integration of existing hardware as well as for easy
integration in the IT world. A further advantage: Specific
expansions for individual solutions according to your

Solution Partners & support

WinCC Specialists are at your service as qualified solution
providers worldwide. These certified and centrally audited
partners realize your individual SCADA project, also with
distributed client-server architectures involving redundancy
or with applications involving energy data
management systems.
Moreover, Siemens offers global support according to
highest quality standards.
In addition to the 24/7 hotline, you can for example also
consult experts in forums and access freely available
demo projects.

SIMATIC WinCC options

Software expansions for individual requirements

Individual functional or sector-specific software expansions are available in the form of WinCC
options* as well as WinCC add-ons.

WinCC V7 options
Easy scalability
• WinCC/Server – for distributed client-server systems
• WinCC/Redundancy – for increased availability
• SIMATIC Process Historian – powerful, plant-wide
long-time archive
• WinCC/WebNavigator – plant operation and monitoring
via the Internet/Intranet
• WinCC/WebUX – mobile access to important plant
• WinCC/Telecontrol – integration of distributed remote
stations in the telecontrol system
Efficiency in terms of operations control
• WinCC/UserArchive – management of user data
• WinCC/Audit and WinCC/ChangeControl –
tracking of operator actions
• SIMATIC Information Server – web-based reports of
historical plant data on basis of Microsoft Reporting
Services or with Microsoft Excel
• WinCC/PerformanceMonitor – production analysis on
the basis of individual key performance indicators
• Web-based performance reports in combination with
the SIMATIC Information Server
• SIMATIC B.Data – optimized energy operations control
• WinCC/CalendarScheduler – planning of events as
calendar function
• WinCC/EventNotifier – forwarding of information as
e-mail or SMS
Openness for special requests
WinCC/IndustrialDataBridge – bidirectional data
exchange via standard interfaces – without
• WinCC/ODK, WinCC/ConnectivityPack and WinCC/
ConnectivityStation – open interfaces for user-specific

Universal applicability –
solutions for all sectors and technologies

SIMATIC WinCC is technology- and sector-neutral
and features a modular and easily expandable design.
It is employed worldwide, both in single-user applications
in the field of mechanical engineering as well
as in complex multi-user solutions with redundant
servers or web-based client access. References from
numerous sectors prove the solution’s versatility and
high performance:
• Automotive production and suppliers
• Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
• Food, beverages and tobacco industry
• Machine and plant engineering
• Energy supply and distribution
• Trade and service sector
• Plastic and rubber industry
• Metal processing and steel industry
• Paper production and processing
• Printing industry, transport, traffic and logistics
• Water treatment and wastewater purification
• Building services management and management
of properties

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