6RA7025-6DV62-0-Z K00+K01+K11+S00

Article Number (Market Facing Number) 6RA7025-6DV62-0-Z K00+K01+K11+S00
Product Description *spare part* SIMOREG DC Master rectifier, with microprocessor for four-quadrant drives Circuit (B6) A (B6) C input: 400 V 3AC, 50 A controllable: field rectifier D420/60 MREQ-GEG6V62 output: 420 V DC, 60 A output US rating: 420 V DC, 53 A field input 400 V output 325 V, 10 A K00=Optional module terminal extension K01=Adapter module for Slot D and E K11=Local BusAdapter for electronics box LBA S00=Technological software in basic unit
Product family SIMOREG DC Master rectifier
Warranty 1 YEAR
Output frequency for
V/f control
Net Weight (kg) 19,150 Kg
Packaging Dimension Not available
Country of origin Austria
Quantity Unit 1 Piece
Packaging Quantity 1